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According to the American Angus Association, George Grant brought Angus cattle to Kansas in the 1870’s from Scotland. These animals made a huge impact on cattle production in the US. These cattle were “hornless” or naturally polled, as in no horns, unlike the Texas Longhorn. They also wintered well, averaging a better spring weight, as well as giving good milk, and strong maternal instincts with easy calving. Their downside is smaller birthweight. Many Angus cattle were brought over directly from Scotland after the initial 4 arrived during the late 1800’s. During the 1st century in the US, there have been over 10 million recorded Angus Cattle. Black Angus have unique physical characteristics in black eyes and udders that protect them from sunburn and snow/ice burning as well as their dark pigment skin protects them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is of great benefit that other cattle breeds suffer from “sunburn” and eye cancers due to sun exposure. We have only pure Black Angus Cattle from premium breeding stock. Not all black cows, are Certified Black Angus. Black Angus beef have characteristics that are unique, naturally polled, no neck hump, docile, yet hardy, and even with harsh conditions produce Prime and Choice grade meats. Black Angus mature faster than other breeds. Black Angus are always under 1100 lbs. at maturity. Other breeds like Simmental may be black or sometimes red. They have some of the same qualities, however they are much larger overall than Black Angus. Simmental bulls can reach nearly 3000 lbs. and cows 2000lbs. Simmental are all black or red, not spots or other colors. Black Angus are usually all black, but occasionally have a reddish cast to their upper back near backbone and may have a “bleached” spot here or there. Black Angus are known for their meat quality, modest marbling of steaks with fine marbling texture, superior muscle, less than 1 in of fat thickness and a 10”-16” ribeye. Black Angus steaks are the best tasting beef anywhere.

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  • Originally from Scotland
  • Naturally Polled (no horns)
  • Resistant to sunburn
  • Docile- easy to handle
  • Solid black, may have reddish tint to upper back.
  • Produce Prime and Choice meats
  • Premium marbling in meat with fine texture.
  • Best tasting beef around.